ReachOut Campaigns in Africa

1, ReachOut Ghana

To Ghanaians, August 4th is known as Founders' Day; a national public holiday commemorating the contributions of the prominent "Big Six" who led the fight for Ghana's independence. It is also a day for us to demonstrate to the Ghanaian people how much God is the greatest founder of all, spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and commemorate founders day event by distributing Rhapsody of Realities devotional en-mass This obviously means saturating the country with Rhapsody of realities, enough to bring salvation and hope to the whole population in ghana who are yet to hear and receive the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and, those who are yet to commit to him. Join us in making this Founders' day one to remember! As we bring men into the awareness of God's love for them; showing to them that all they need for life and godliness is in Christ Jesus To sponsor the distribution of rhapsody of realities in English and indigenous Ghanaian Languages. Click Here

2, ReachOut World Nigeria

On October 1, Nigeria, which is regarded as having the largest economy in Africa and is home to more than 500 spoken languages and more than 250 ethnic groupings, celebrates its independence.  As in past years, across the 36 states in the nation, our partners swarm the streets, neighborhoods, towns, and council areas to proclaim and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the distribution of Rhapsody of Realities. Millions of copies of our Messenger Angel, have been translated into the national languages for the benefit of the people, and have been printed throughout the years.
Our partners also take advantage of this period to launch a number of community development initiatives in areas that lack the essential amenities needed for their residents to thrive and live healthy lives. 

This year, it would be much bigger and better; as Nigeria would not only hold the record as the most populous African nation on Earth but as a country, whose heart is after the things of God.

3, ReachOut Benin Republic

Benin Republic, a beautiful country sandwiched between Togo and Nigeria, will be celebrates its independence on August 1st, and this 44,000square mile nation with a population of over13 million people, will be basking in cheer and celebration, but we are about to raise the salvation flag even higher. Millions of Rhapsody of Realities would be distributed, as we spread the gospel throughout the country. Don’t be left Out! Sponsor the distribution of Rhapsody of Realities in all Beninese official languages today!

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