About Us


Reachout Campaigns International is a global evangelical missions organization that takes the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to every nation of the world through the distribution of the agent of change; Rhapsody of Realities during National holidays, International tournaments, special events and also during planned campaigns. Our purpose is reaching people everywhere in villages, towns, cities, Islands with the Gospel in the languages they understand best.

In Reachout campaigns, we organize and execute strategic soul winning campaigns and outreaches in all the nations of the world. It is currently the largest carnival in the world, celebrating the influence of the Lordship of Jesus in a Nation.

Reachout Campaigns with Rhapsody of Realities has led to a massive inflow of souls into the kingdom of God and the birthing of new churches and outreaches in many countries with countless testimonies produced in the lives of many. So far over 10Million souls have been won to the Lord.

Working with the Reachout Campaigns Foundation, we also help people everywhere live better lives through the provision of life enhancing amenities to identified communities in dire need, and execution of community development projects in line with the millennium sustainable development goals, building better people and stronger communities all around the world.