ReachOut Ireland on St Patrick’s Day 2019.

The celebration of the first arrival of Christianity in the second largest island of the British Isles is one of the most remarkable holidays in Ireland; distinguished by its display of Irish culture and beauty.

Ireland is the twentieth largest island on earth and shares boundaries with Great Britain to the east.

Although held in honour of the first patriarch Saint in Ireland- Saint Patrick, its celebration goes beyond the borders of the nation.

ReachOut St Patrick’s Day was a divine opportunity to seed the nation with God’s truth.

It was an array of colours during the event and thousands of people benefited immensely from it.

Sponsors and volunteers, including children and teenagers distributed thousands of copies of the life transforming book Rhapsody of Realities during the various parades in different cities, celebrating the Lordship of Jesus with great excitement.

Some recipients were glad to receive God’s word while others dived into the devotional with great anticipation, resulting in streams of testimonies.

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