No One Left Behind: Do you know? OVER 338 MILLION PEOPLE worldwid have moderate to severe visual disabilities, with 90 million being children and adolescents. To read, they would have to use Braille, a tactile writing method use by the vision challenge. But, with the NO ONE LEFT BEHIND CAMPAIGN targeted at the visually impaired,


  • Braille Rhapsody of Realities is available for all age group

    Globally, we have over 338 million people living with visual impairment or total blindness. For them to read, they would have to resort to a writing system called Braille. In a bid to ensure everyone has access to God's Word. Through the Rhapsody of Realities Braille Edition. Join this campaign to reach with God's Word those currently visually impaired and with hearing disabilities, through Rhapsody of Realities in braille, audio or sign language. The Braille Edition of Rhapsody of Realities is now available in Read to me, Early Readers, Teevo, and Adult. We are Leaving NO ONE BEHIND! Sponsor the Braille Publication and Distribution of Rhapsody of Realities in our Reach Out Outreaches, Reach Out Foundation and Reach Out Campaigns. We are leaving no one behind by sponsoring the distribution of the Braille copies of Rhapsody of Realities to the visually impaired; schools of the blind, institutions or places that cater for the blind